The Cause of our Establishment


The purpose of Goal in Life is to financially assist all socially vulnerable groups by giving a powerful message to everyone that footballers are united. Moreover it’s a way for our members (football players) to ‘return’ , as much as possible, all the benefits they earned through football towards fans and society in general.

Football is perhaps the greatest social phenomenon worldwide, let alone our Cyprus. Goal in Life uses the dynamic that footballers have as influencers and aims through their action, to sweep away the layers of society and actually help people in need but also send important messages in every direction.

Vision and Mission

We use the power of the football players as individuals that can affect society by delivering messages of humanity

Our Mission

To financially assist all socially vulnerable groups. To give back and express our gratitude to our fans and the society in general by sweeping away all its layers and actually helping people in need.

Our Vision

Goal in Life has a vision of becoming ‘one’ with the society of Cyprus and through our actions to cultivate principles and values such as charity, solidarity, social responsibility and social distribution. Moreover to send a message of unity, highlighting human side of football.

Our Action

The strengthening of volunteerism, cultivation of social consciousness, and the encouragement of footballers Nationwide so as to be active citizens and to participate in society with actions that will make them the most living cells of society.