What is “Goal in Life”

“Goal in life” is the first charity-voluntary association of footballers that ever existed in Cyprus. Was the result of embracing an idea to establish a foundation exclusively by footballers nationwide.

History of Establishment

The “Goal in life” has been formed οn 12th of January – a historic day for football – , when the 22 founding members (active footballers and veterans) representing all cities of Cyprus were gathered together, signed the Statute of the newly formed Association and voted for the Board which has already started work and actions.

Football is perhaps the greatest social phenomenon worldwide, let alone our Cyprus.
The “Goal in Life” uses the dynamic that footballers have as people who have influence and aims through their action, to sweep away the layers of society and actually help people in need but also send important messages to all directions.

“Goal in Life” is an organisation under the Ministry of Interior. As a legal entity governed by the Statute and the provisions of the law of non-profit organisations.

Members of “Goal in Life” are Cypriots or foreign footballers, active or veterans, over 18 years old, who are registered in the record of Cyprus Football Association (CFA) and are interested in promoting the objectives of the Association.

Members are of course individuals, companies and organisations who are interested in enhancing the purpose of “Goal in Life” empowering the vision of the players.

Our Success Indicators


All players regardless of team united for a common purpose.


All our actions are done with honesty and transparency.


Our action requires consistency and continuity in time.


Events, actions and activities