Our Action

Events and actions

Our action includes events and initiatives aiming to gather as much money as possible. Alongside we use the power of the football players as individuals that can affect society by delivering important messages of unity, volunteerism and humanity.

The “Goal in Life” states present in the stadiums where the games of the Cyprus championship are conducted by volunteering and organising charity events so that they deliver the messages of humanity, solidarity and unity.

We introduce our Mascot in stadiums as an attraction for younger fans as well as to conduct various voluntary actions during the games.

The week 09-17 December and the last two games of the year are dedicated to “Goal in Life”

“Goal in Life” is the official organiser of the ALL STAR GAME / FAN DAY. Our goal is to create one of the largest charity – voluntary sporting events that took place in Cyprus and to be established in the consciousness of the Cypriot fans in order to gather as much money as possible.

“Goal in Life” supports other volunteering movements of Cyprus with the presence of football players in volunteering events organised by them as well as in events that can be organised together.

All Star Game

Date: 30/12/2017
Time: 11:00
Place: GSP Stadium