Our Members – Footballers

Regular Members

Cypriot or foreign players, active or veterans who are registered in the record of the Cyprus Football Association (CFA) and are interested in promoting the purposes of Goal in Life in the context of volunteering and philanthropy.

Why become a member?

Goal in Life through its actions is enhancing, in cooperation with other institutions, not only financially, vulnerable groups of society. The aim is to gather as much money as possible, through events and actions and with an honest way to return them back to society.

“Goal in Life” gives a chance to all players Cypriots or foreigners, regardless group to unite together for a common purpose. To raise awareness and collectively help society.

Strengthening volunteerism, cultivating voluntary conscience and encouraging the players pancyprian, in order to become active citizens, to participate regularly in events with such actions, which would make them the most living cells of society in Cyprus.

«Goal in Life» raises awareness in issues regarding Education (visits to schools), Health (hospital visits),  the environment, society in general (football violence, crime, drugs) and volunteering promotion efforts among young people.

«Goal in Life» members use their role as individuals that can affect society aiming throughout their actions to sweep away all layers of society, and to deliver an important message towards everyone.